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We, a family of 3 joined Rob’s Litchfield tour from Darwin … This was the best trip ever in the Northern Territory!

Everything you read on his website and here is true. Rob is very passionate, knowledgeable and he really loves his job.


ethical adventures offers small group and private eco tours across the environmental and social landscapes of the Top End.  Our eco experiences include short introductory tours of less than a day right through to multi-day odysseys to the furthest reaches of the region. 

These responsible adventures from Darwin are educational, engaging and fun. Our aim is to create experiences that respect the Northern Territory’s spectacular scenery, natural habitats and local cultures whilst giving our guests the knowledge and opportunities to appreciate, connect and fall in love with it all.

Ultimately we want to foster a deeper connection to nature, the community and cultures you interact with to motivate you to also help preserve and protect the natural environment for generations to come.

A very special day

Just fabulous!

Such special memories and a day to remember!! The needs of our small group of 6 people over 60, were accommodated perfectly, (both activity and food wise), and Rob’s insight and knowledge of the areas through which we travelled was both informative and balanced in content and perspective. A superb day out!

Key words: ‘extreme high quality’ and ‘flexibility.’


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