Action 1: Frack Finding Tour

In November 2018 ethical adventures with  Protect Country Alliance and Lock the Gate led a group of Traditional Owners, Pastoralists, other tourism operators and concerned citizens on a ‘Frack Finding Tour’ to Canberra  via a route through the gas fields of Queensland (Image 1.  Press Conference Video).

Along the way the team interviewed affected community members, groups and individuals on the street to get a sense of the impact of just this one industry on the Australian people and places. (Check out the Don’t Frack the Territory Facebook page for this.  Report to be release early 2019.)

The objective was to understand the ‘real’ impacts of the unconventional gas industry on communities and the natural aspects and take that message to Canberra. 


Frack finding tour

10 days – Darwin to Canberra

Through the heart of unconventional country to the politicians who let it happen.

What is the story ?

Action 2: Establish solidarity amongst community groups

To address the immediate threat of the unconventional gas industry we (Protect Country Alliance) are asking for solidarity from environmental organisations such as yours.  We are asking that you request your members to:

  1. Take action calling on Origin customers and all Australians to sign the pledge against Origin. Origin are the biggest fracking company targeting the NT, yet they tell folks in other parts of Australia that Origin is all about renewable energy.
  2. Like and follow the ‘Don’t Frack the Territory’ Facebook page.
  3. Continue to voice your desire for renewable energy options in any forums that you and your members are part off.

Action 3: Protect Country reward program

, Ethical Adventures as a member of the Tourism fraternity has two goals:

  1. Redefine how people connect and book options with the tourism industry
  2. Increase the engagement of tour operators in social and environmental issues across the board.

Essentially we are looking to get the tourism industry off the fence and into the fight to protect our environments and educate our population.  The way we do that is through financial and ethical motivation.

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