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Litchfield Camping Tours – Awaken in the wild

Staying overnight in Litchfield National Park is definitely one of those things that should be on your bucket list for the NT.

Subtle sounds of the unique NT wildlife as they scamper to and fro searching for safety and sustenance in this ancient landscape.

Crystal clear streams and brooks meandering over time worn sandstone country scared by 100’s millions of years of survival bubbling consent to those that wish to spend time by their banks.

The mournful call of the dingo harkening our thoughts back to ages when man and beast worked together to survive.

What a great place to be.

For all of that it is not as simple as get in your car and off you go for the an overnight in Litchfield experience.  It does take a bit of planning and also a bit of luck.  These days every man and his dog is in search of the unique ‘enter experience here’.

The key is to know more than they do.

This is where local knowledge comes in and serious thought needs to be given as to whether you want to drive and to it yourself or contract an expert to lead and organise the experience for you.

2 Day camping tours to Litchfield are available for private groups or general public. Being remote yet safe this is the ultimate family holiday idea in Top End.  Litchfield overnight camping tours provide a true night in the Wild and feature night walks in Litchfield Park, walks amongst waterfalls and ancient cliff faces, star gazing and secluded camping spots.

Dining by campfire with the Milky Way gazing down … dream it.  Do it right.

Best time to camp in Litchfield National Park is around May to October.

Get in touch with ethical adventures and ‘Awaken in the wild , truly one of the great short camping tours of the NT.


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