bespoke multi-day tours from Darwin


Explore Kakadu National Park, Litchfield National Park, Arnhemland and the greater Darwin area.

Learn about Australian history and natural history, indigenous culture, people and places, and general photography and relaxation.

All tours from Darwin are designed to be of the highest quality, personal and flexible to both our guests and the environmental conditions.



The ‘BEST IN THE WET’ is a spectacular adventure through the Top End’s iconic parks at a time of year when mother nature is in full control.

Raging waterfalls, green landscapes, ancient rock forms and the oldest continuous culture on the planet conspire to give you an experience to remember.

A limit of 10 guests and a mandate to be flexible and responsive to the environmental and cultural aspects of day this is the WET SEASON adventure you dont want to miss.

Litchfield & Kakadu | 2 Day

‘Best in the Wet’

micro group kakadu 2 day tour from Darwin

colours of kakadu

The Colours of Kakadu is the complete ALL-INCLUSIVE package focusing on indigenous people, culture and environments.

It brings together experiences aimed at shedding light in the dark places of our minds and encourages thoughts and discussions around these.

Limited to a maximum of 6 guests and featuring 2 full days of experiences this is a comprehensive cultural insight into the Top Ends indigenous heritage.


kakadu cultural experience

‘Colours of Kakadu’


Small group Litchfield 2 day tour from Darwin

awaken in the wild

Feel like stepping away from it all for just a bit ?  How about doing a little bit of hiking and swimming in less traveled places ?

How does waking up with mother nature whispering in your ear in a remote part of Australia sound ?

If all this ticks your boxes then come with us as we ‘awaken in the wild‘.

Designed to take 6 adventurers out into the Litchfield region to discover the wildlife and wild places but also the tranquility and peace that the Australian outback has.

Let us introduce you to our home.


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