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The Northern Territory of Australia is an icon in itself.  Found within the borders of this vast region are a variety of stunning landscapes and ecosystems of World Heritage value.  There is also strong indigenous culture and a vibrant modern lifestyle for those lucky enough to visit the NT or to call the NT home.

See the best tourist attractions in Darwin with a plan including Ethical Adventures NT

Guide to NT Tourism & Top End Touring

For those looking for a unique holiday destination that mixes modern with the ancient, country with the city and neuvo and retro lifestyle then NT tourism is for you. This guide to NT tourism is dedicated to helping you achieve your ultimate NT touring experience and guide you through the maze which is the planning stage.

The DARWIN ACCOMMODATION has Darwin hotels and apartment providers that have shown they have a high degree of care and diligence looking after their guests and are also offering mates rates for those that mention ethical adventures at the time of booking.

The SUGGESTED READING list contains a wide variety of sources and materials.  You will find text books on Australian plants, animals,  NT history, indigenous culture and people and a whole lot more.

Self-drive vs Organised tour.  All you need to know about the pro’s and con’s of self-driving and organised tours. This is a blog of what needs to be considered before you decide to self-drive or join an organised tour.  It will take you through some of the nuts and bolts (such as how to choose the right tour for you) of what is required to have a safe, enjoyable and rewarding time whilst on tour in the Top End.

Weather it is self-drive or on an organised tour each has it’s benefits and difficulties so have a look through and decide which you favour.

There is also a trip planner to help you organise your itinerary.

NT Fauna reviews are short casual reviews of animals that are found specifically on tours from Darwin with ethical adventures as the NT Flora reviews cover some of the useful plants.

For those that are interested in whats happening behind the scenes and some of the unusual things which occur up here then check out the TOP END NEWS page.

Enjoy your holiday.


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Features of the Top End

World Heritage Parks

An extensive park network which captures the variety of NT ecosystems including deserts, rainforests, mountains, floodplains, wetlands and everything in between.  These pristine ecosystems are home to a broad range of Australia’s unique wildlife some of which are endangered, threatened and endemic.  Some of these regions are inscribed into the United Nations World Heritage list as they contain such superlative natural values or cultural value that they are deemed worthy of protecting for the good and enjoyment of the rest of the world.  Of these Kakadu National Park is possibly the most well known.  Kakadu is one of select group world wide that meets all of the criteria both for natural and cultural value making it a modern day terrestrial version of Noahs ark.

Modern lifestyle and Darwin City

With a population of around 130,000 people Darwin is not a big city.  However it does have all the modern benefits of such without the negatives.  Cafes, waterfronts, restaurants, activities and attractions, quiet moments and more all delivered with the best sunsets Australia has to offer.

Indigenous Culture

The NT is also unique in that around 30% of the population are indigenous Australians with over 50% of the land being held or associated with Aboriginal people, land groups or trusts.  Aboriginal culture in Australia is considered the oldest continuous living culture on the planet and the Northern Territory is the perfect place to interact and learn about this ancient culture.

Ethical Adventures Regions of Operations

Kakadu National Park, Litchfield National Park, Fogg Dam, Mary River, Adelaide River, Daly River, Katherine, Territory Wildlife Park and Berry Springs
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