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If you said to me 30 years ago I would be getting all excited about seeing some plants when I get older I would have probably strapped you in a white jacket and driven you to the house on the hill.

Now 30 years later I would have been feeling very very guilty about that as your predictions did in fact come true.

A fascination has grown within me over the years with what nature provides, how it works and responds to pressures and how beauty and peace can be just a small flower bloom away.

Traditional foods and medicines

Consider also that our food and medicines come mainly from the natural plant world and there it is, plenty of reasons to start a natural love affair with the flower next door.

Intact natural ecosystems

There is no better place to start a love affair with plants than NT.  It is true that in the NT there still exists extensive areas of natural ecosystems with healthy native composition of plants.

These plants are the same that indigenous people have been living off for over 60,000 years.

What little research has been done has shown that the diversity and uniqueness of our flora is of a world standard and yet the only plant we all know is the macadamia nut.  Why is that ?

Strong Cultural knowledge

Sadly much traditional knowledge has been lost throughout Australia along with the plants and ecosystems themselves which has made pursuing knowledge of our natives tricky in those areas.  However in the NT the opposite is the case.  The NT has strong cultural knowledge throughout many regions.

Nature Tours

It is in this environment that ethical adventures undertakes it small group nature tours.  With such a wealth of knowledge and items to pique our interest it is only natural that we start our own library of reviews specific to what we encounter.

NT PLant Reviews

The reviews themselves are the product of information taken from the reading resources listed in this website, online sources, anecdotal accounts and first hand experience.

For those with an interest in what lives up here and want to actually see it for themselves when visiting the NT we have included the region in which the images were taken.  Of course all these images have been taken on tour with ethical adventures so perhaps we might see you in the bus on a tour from Darwin.

For those who might prefer to self-drive the NT then please check out our list of things to do to make that a good option.

Regardless of how you travel be sure to do a bit of reading before you visit the Top End as this will increase your enjoyment many times over.

Reviews Completted

NT Rainforest Plants


NT Woodland Plants


NT Wetland Plants


NT Stone Country Plants



All information gathered and presented on this website is from various sources, most of which are listed in the bibliography. I have made every attempt to be accurate however it may still contain some errors. When these are encountered I ask that you be kind and correct me on discovery ASAP. Also If you have additional knowledge or pearls of wisdom please allow us to share this with others and provide it to me also for inclusion and acknowledgement. It goes without saying that we don’t recommend that this information as presented here be used as a guide to bush foods and medicines but rather as an introduction to some of the cool plants we have growing around us and possibly the motivation to begin your own journey into discovering our treasure trove of botanical gold and appreciation for what many of us simply walk past in our everyday lives. I hope this proves useful. With regard to Copyright feel free to reproduce any and all of the content contained within these pages if using for private use. All other users are required to contact Ethical Adventures directly to request the use/reproduction of any material contained herein prior to use.

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