NT Wildlife

No other place on earth.

Northern Territory Wildlife

Northern Territory Wildlife is a rich collection of native, endemics and internationals.

Found within the diverse ecosystems of the Top End there is no time like the present to come and see the NT wildlife for yourself on a tour from Darwin with ethical adventures.

The Northern Territory is home to thousands of different species of animals many of which are native to Australia with some significant endemism also.  The NT has over 400 bird species, 150 mammals, 300 reptiles, 50 frogs and 100’s of fish species.  That is just the vertebrates.  Add to that the 1000’s invertebrates in the ant, termite and others then the NT is truly rich.

The Scary Factor

Unique statistics like Australia having more venomous snakes than non-venomous tell you that something is happening in this great country.  This of course feeds into the bigger narrative of having the 5 /10 top most venomous snakes as well as crocs, spiders, stingrays, cassowaries, platypus, funnel-web, blue-ringed octopus etc etc.  We got a lot of scary stuff here.

The Cute Factor

However we also have the cute and cuddly as well.  Sugar gliders, quolls, possums, koalas and kangaroos all feature on the ooh ahh list whilst for the slightly eccentric individual you might find your soul mate amongst the 1000’s of insects, spiders and less obvious creatures.

Whatever you fancy I am sure Australia has something for you but more importantly the NT has something for you.

So, back to the Territory.

NT Wildlife Reviews

This resources is a work in progress to which we will be added more images and information about the wildlife of the NT as time goes on and opportunity presents itself.

For those with an interest in what lives up here and want to actually see it for themselves when visiting the NT we have included the region in which the images were taken.  Of course all these images have been taken on tour with ethical adventures so perhaps we might see you in the bus on a tour from Darwin.

For those who might prefer to self-drive the NT then please check out our list of things to do to make that a good option.

Regardless of how you travel be sure to do a bit of reading before you visit the Top End as this will increase your enjoyment many times over.

Reviews Completted

NT Reptiles

Salt Water Crocodile

Black Headed Python

NT Birds

 Whistling Kite

NT Mammals
NT Fish
NT Insects
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