motives & actions

Motivation for Ethical Adventures

Find out more about where the motivation to start Ethical Adventures came from and why it matters to us.

What is an Ethical Adventure?

Underpinned by principles present in Responsible Tourism, EcoTourism, Social Action & Fair Trade, read more here.

More about Responsible Tourism

Read more on the topic of responsible tourism and why we believe it’s the only way forward.

What is Fair Trade & how does it work?

By ensuring that benefits of Tourism and associated industries are fair, we all do our part, you can read more here.

Ways we conduct charitable giving.

Central to our business and personal life is our commitment to encourage and help peoples and organisations help themselves, others and their general environment.

This encouragement may take several forms including direct financial contributions, ‘hands on’ assistance, providing opportunities for individuals and groups working as volunteers to participate in EA activities (at reduced fees or for no fee at all), & marketing.

Direct Financial Contributions.

Ethical Adventures is not a profit-driven operation and as such has limited finances to donate however we have identified charitable causes which we feel would benefit from our modest contributions. Where we provide direct funds for actions and activities we provide them only to organisations which have a demonstrated positive track record consistent with the beliefs and principles of Ethical Adventures.

These include:

  • Get Up
  • Wilderness Society
  • Protect Country Alliance

Hands On Assistance

We are open to a diverse range of options in this area. Including but not limited to:

  • Weed removal or revegetation activities
  • Clean up days
  • Photography for marketing or presentations
  • Help with reviewing reports of an environmental or science nature
  • Help with business or concept design
  • Assist with training
  • A key feature of EA is our Eco Challenge options which are specifically aimed at achieving positive environmental outcomes. These are set up to encourage like-minded people to come together and undertake eco projects no cost to them and maximum benefit to the environment.

The thing here is that if you need help for a community orientated project or endeavour then contact us and we will see what we can do for you

One such project is the Community Involvement Day at the Territory Wildlife Park which operates twice a month throughout most of the year. Projects vary from rounding up wallabies to maintaining enclosures for their animal guests.

If you would like to come along just give us a call.

The day will include:

  • 3 hours of volunteer work at the Territory Wildlife Parklunch;
  • Refreshing swim at Berry Springs (when suitable);
  • Pickup at 0800 , drop off around 2pm.

See the TWP website for projects coming up.

Eco Business Support

We will include on our website links to your organisation in order to increase your exposure and also to indicate to people who visit our website that we are a supporter of your cause

Reward the Volunteer Day

Providing opportunities for individuals and groups to participate in Ethical Adventure activities at reduced fees. Australia is a great country which has many good hearted people out there donating their time and effort for the greater good. These are selfless people who we would like to give a pat on the back for a job well done. This is our way of giving them that pat.