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Explore Kakadu, Litchfield, Katherine and the Daly Regions as part of our small group public tours or private bespoke multi-day tours from Darwin.

An unforgettable adventure awaits.

Are you yearning for a transformative escape into the wild? Ethical Adventures invites you to immerse yourself in the enchanting landscapes of the Northern Territory with our carefully curated overnight and multi-day tours from Darwin. Our passion for sustainability and socially responsible travel ensures that your adventure is as kind to the environment as it is exhilarating for the soul.

Gateway to the nocturnal

Discover the magic of overnight tours as you Awaken in the wild on a Darwin Safari – Delve into the heart of Australia’s bushland under a blanket of stars. Ethical Adventures’ overnight tours from Darwin offer more than just a place to sleep; they are a gateway to nocturnal wildlife encounters and night skies unspoiled by city lights. Awaken to the dawn chorus of native birds, an unforgettable symphony that marks the start of another day of exploration.

no rush

Extend Your Horizons with Extended Tours from Darwin – There’s no rush when it comes to the treasure trove of natural wonders surrounding Darwin. Our extended tours allow you to take the time to connect with the land, culture, and history. Over the course of several days, you’ll traverse through diverse ecosystems, from wetlands brimming with birdlife to the rugged escarpments of ancient rock formations, each day unfolding new adventures and insights.

Convenient and Comprehensive Darwin Multi-Day Tours

We’ve meticulously planned each tour to maximize your experience without the hassle of planning every detail. Our multi-day tours from Darwin include comfortable transport, delightful accommodations, and delicious meals, so you can focus on the adventure at hand. Our knowledgeable guides are not only experts in the local flora and fauna but also passionate storytellers who bring the landscape to life.

Memories forever

Join Ethical Adventures for an unforgettable journey through Darwin’s majestic natural playground. Whether you’re seeking a quick overnight refresh or an extended exploration, our tailored safaris showcase the best of the region while fostering a deep respect for its ecological and cultural integrity. Book now and step into a world of awe-inspiring beauty with our overnight tours, extended escapes, and Darwin safaris – where every moment is part of a story you’ll treasure forever.

Embark now – your ethical adventure awaits.

2 day all inclusive kakadu tour

“Colours of Kakadu”

The Colours of Kakadu is the complete ALL-INCLUSIVE multi-day package focusing on indigenous people, culture and environments.

From cruises to short hikes, cultural centres to ancient Aboriginal rock art and snacks to main meals, this tour from Darwin has got it all.

This 2 day multi-day tour is a journey of the heart, mind and soul.

Kakadu is one of Australia’s largest National Parks and you can can the greatest variety of ecosystems in the Australian continent within this one beautiful landscape.

Limited to a maximum of 10 guests and featuring 2 full days of experiences this is a comprehensive cultural insight into the Kakadu’s indigenous heritage.

Discover more about our Kakadu National Park multi day tours from darwin!

Kakadu 2 Day Tour - Multi Day tours from Darwin

colours of kakadu


  • Max group size 10 guests
  • 90-minute Guluyambi cultural cruise touching down on Arnhem Land
  • 2-hour sunrise Yellow Water Billabong cruise
  • Sunset at Nawurlanja
  • Breakfasts / Lunches / Dinner / snacks /refreshments
  • Warradjan Culture Centre
  • Guided rock art walk at Nourlangie Rock
  • 30-min scenic flight along Arnhem Land escarpment
  • Suite room at Anbinik Resort*
  • Wildlife viewing at Fogg Dam Conservation Area

Indigenous craft demonstration and participation (seasonal).

2 day litchfield & Kakadu tour

“Wild & Free” – Tropical summer tour

Wild & Free is that tour that bows down to mother nature and acknowledges that sometimes we are not in control.

Embrace the majesty of the Top End in the wet season and take a journey through nature, history and cultures of Kakadu and Litchfield National Parks.

Swim in pristine clear tropical streams and waterfalls.  Walk tropical paths edged with Jurassic era plants and bear witness to the longest continuous culture on earth.  All in 2 days !

This is Wild & Free.  This is the Top End.

Small dedicated group – MAX of 10 guests

Weekend departures only from January to April.

The perfect wild weekend getaway !



Wet Season tour - 2 days Kakadu & Litchfield

wild & Free


  • Personalised small group size max 10 guests
  • Nourlangie Rock art walk
  • Visit Warradjan Aboriginal Culture Centre
  • 1 x night accommodation at Cooinda Lodge ensuite room
  • Swimming in Litchfield Park (subject to conditions)
  • Visit (Wangi Falls, Florence Falls, Tolmer Falls)
  • Short Walks
  • 2 hour Sunrise Yellow Waters wildlife cruise
  • Kakadu & Litchfield Park Passes

3 day kakadu & litchfield tour

“best in the wet”

This audacious Litchfield and Kakadu wet season tour,  ‘BEST IN THE WET’ , rallies around the Top End Wet Season.  It is the time to feel the power of nature and witness the bucket list shows of lightening and thunder that defines The Wet. Not for the faint hearted the mission is to get you amongst it.

Witness waterfalls gone wild, swim in outback creeks, float amongst dinosaurs of the North.  With a backdrop of moody escarpment country, surrounded by ancient indigenous culture.

This is the ‘Best In The Wet’.


Sunset on home billabong - Kakadu overnight tours-

best in the wet - Private charter only


  • Litchfield National Park
  • Wangi falls
  • Tolmer Falls
  • Buley Rockhole
  • Florence Falls
  • Magnetic & Cathedral Termite Mounds
  • Accommodation at Lazy Lizard, Pine Creek
  • Lunch & snacks
  • Dinner at Lazy Lizard (NI)
  • Kakadu National Park
  • Adelaide River War Cemetery
  • Pine Creek
  • Sunset Yellow Waters Cruise
  • Accommodation at Cooinda – Lodge Rooms
  • Visit to Warradjan Indigenous Culture Centre
  • Visit to Burrungkuy Art region
  • Guided walk through rock art region
  • Visit Jabiru township in Kakadu
  • Visit Murrawadi Gallery

2 or 3 day Litchfield Camping / Glamping tour

awaken in the wild

Take time to explore Litchfield National Park and the myriad of diverse walks, swimming holes, waterfalls and an undisturbed natural habitat.

This camping adventure in Litchfield gets you away from crowds and back to basics with mother nature in one of Australia’s last wilderness areas.

With camping and walking tours, you will feel at one with the dramatic landscapes under a stunning starry night.

It is about tranquil spots and reflective moments. It is one of the best Darwin tours in our opinion.

Choose a 2 or 3 day camping trip to Unearth all that’s on offer on our Litchfield camping tour.

Sunset on home billabong - yellow waters cruise Kakadu Wet Season

awaken in the wild - private charter only


  • Max group size only 6 guests
  • Hikes and activities away from the crowds
  • Camping under the stars in Litchfield National Park
  • Relaxed pace
  • Dedicated guide
  • Bush craft elements**
  • Swims in clear waterfall fed streams and ponds
  • Ample time for relaxation

3 day katherine gorge & region

“Cowboy Country”

The region of Katherine needs more than just a day trip to do it justice.

Our multi-day tours to Katherine takes you past Adelaide river, Pine Creek and through Nitmiluk National Park for a sunset dinner boat cruise on the Katherine gorge and soak in hot springs and much more.

This stunning multi day tour from Darwin shows the very best of the Australian Northern Territory outback and even includes an outback cowboy show, hots springs, a cave walk, indigenous culture experience and much more !

If you are interested in the magic of this rugged country then this incredible Katherine Region tour is for you.

Explore everything you can do on our Katherine multi day tours from Darwin.

Multi Day tours to Katherine

cowboy country - private charter only


  • Max group size 4 guests
  • Katherine Gorge cruise at sunset
  • Adelaide River War Cemetery
  • Katherine Hot Springs
  • Visits to local cafes and restaurants
  •  Top Didj Culture Experience
  • 2 nights accommodation in Nitmiluk Chalets (upgrade to Cicada Lodge option available)
  • Pine Creek historic gold mining town
  • Cutta Cutta Caves guided tour
  • Katherine Museum
  • Katherine Outback Experience