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Hydraulic fracturing – unconventional gas extraction (fracking) is a well stimulation process used to maximize the extraction of underground resources; including oil, natural gas, and geothermal energy. The process of hydraulic fracturing begins with building the necessary site infrastructure including well construction. Production wells may be drilled in the vertical direction only or paired with horizontal or directional sections. Fluids, commonly made up of water and chemical additives, are then pumped into a geologic formation at high pressure and when the pressure exceeds the rock strength … More…. Link to —-

fracking update 31

fracking update 31

NT Fracking Update #31 135 Recommendations The NT Fracking Inquiry’s report is in and it clearly states that there are 135 regulatory and legislative changes that would need to be implemented before the risks of fracking could be ‘reduced to acceptable...

Fracking NT – Commision Updates

Fracking NT commision update Fracking NT Community Update #30 – 14 February 2018 Fracking NT commision update -The Independent Scientific Inquiry into Hydraulic Fracturing in the Northern Territory (the Inquiry) is this week concluding its final round of regional...

Fracking NT

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90% of the NT is of interest to the fracking industry


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