Whistling Kite – Haliastur sphenurus

So named because of the loud and common whistling sound emitted by both males and females. Females tend to be a bit bigger than the males with both happy to keep the relationship going year after year and even using the same nest to raise their small annual family (up to 3 eggs).

Found throughout Australia into New Guinea and New Caledonia this bird is known to both stay in the one area and to migrate.
Typically, the migration occurs in areas where weather and food conditions vary greatly such as in the Wild North of Australia.

These birds along with the Black Kite are thought to can use fire in hunting whereby they grab burning sticks and embers and move them forward of a fire front to scare more prey out for them. Although there have been reliable eye witnesses it is yet to be captured on film and verified. Regardless this ability is not a common or standard go to for hunting.

If you are a fish, small mammal, reptiles or just about anything made of meat consider yourself on the menu for these raptors.

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