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Protect Country Reward Program

Goal Number 1 – reconnecting consumer and supplier

In tackling the first goal the most efficient and broad reaching way to do this is to cut out the big online go-between / middle men marketing and sales business.

These include monsters like VIATOR, Expedia, LastMinute, Google Adds etc.  Each of these spend $$Millions each year clogging up online space making it impossible for businesses to even rank for their own name unless they themselves have the bottomless pit of finance to support their efforts or pay to be part of the marketing team. 

The situation is such that if you want to be found online you will need to pay one of these marketers commissions (up to 35% in some cases) for them to offer and sell your products.  This 35% goes further into clogging up the online region and paying of others to continue to clog it at various points. This drives prices up and small local businesses into the ground.

So, putting an end to or decreasing the power of these sites is a great way to put more money into local economies and bring prices down and supporting small local sustainable business who care about their region.

The extra benefit of breaking this tradition is that commissions which are presently being lost to these mostly international organisations can instead be directed to local causes and options .and be used as a reward for members of the community who support the idea of a sustainable future (through memberships of environmental and socially orientated community groups).

To address these and many other issues and to hasten the transformation of the industry ethical adventures has established a ‘ PROTECT COUNTRY REWARD PROGRAM’ whereby operators who have a genuine commitment to environmental education and action provide experience options at reduced price for people in the community who work, volunteer or take action in the same vein. 

The PROTECT COUNTRY REWARD PROGRAM rewardS both supplier and receiver for their commitment whilst also strengthening bonds between like minded individuals and organisations.  It also has the advantage of financially supporting community and environmental organisations. 

The way it works is simple.

Each environmental or community group registered with ethical adventures receives a PROTECT COUNTRY REWARD PROGRAM Code which can be entered into affiliated operator booking systems.  When the PROTECT COUNTRY REWARD PROGRAM code is entered it triggers a discount for the guest at the point of making the booking.  At the same time a corresponding amount is earmarked for diversion to an NGO, NFP or like fundraising account chosen by the operator as their favoured cause to support (for us it is ‘Protect Country Alliance’ ). 

Valid for direct bookings ONLY the PROTECT COUNTRY REWARD PROGRAM circumvents the big booking agencies and effectively rediverts lost revenue to environmental and social causes. This means that there is NO EXTRA COST to purchasers to cover either the donation or discount and yet they can travel and holiday knowing that they are supporting a cause inline with their own beliefs.

Each code is specific / confidential to the individual environmental or community group and will over time be reissued and updated to avoid non-affiliated individuals using the code.

The code is ONLY valid for direct bookings with operators displaying the PROTECT COUNTRY LOGO.

A list of operators and options who are on board with this program is available to all participating environmental and community groups so that members can best use their reward code when they choose to travel.


Methane Mike Gunner

Chief Minister of the NT The man responsible for saying YES to FRACKING.

Gunners Greenhouse

where on the road to nowhere ….

Protect Country Reward Program

Goal Number 2 – mobilise the tourism Industry

Since 2014 ethical adventures has steadily been making inroads within the tourism industry.

As a formal component of our tours we discuss and present 3 or 4 major issues or stresses which are or may affect the regions environment and societies that are passed through and visited on the day.  These sometimes not so pleasant facts are balanced against positives with the objective being that at the end of each tour the guest has enjoyed their day, have increased their empathy for the environment and now know first-hand why … biodiversity is important … ground water is important … climate change … etc etc.

Essentially we have created an open and honest environment where guests can make their own mind up on how this information affects them or matters.

Prior to 2014 we were laughed at by many who did not believe in honest tourism and they forecast and early end to our efforts.

Now 5 years on we are at present Rated N.1 on Trip Advisor with over 360 reviews of which 355 are 5 star ratings.  What this means is that we have proven that people can hear the truth, discuss issues and still have a good time on a holiday. 

We are now being approached by other tour operators who feel strongly about the environment to work out how best they can deliver their environmental message within the constraints of their tourism product and expertise. 

This is progress and is exactly what we have set out to do. 

Our door remains open for further operators to cross and bring about the revolution.