reading resources

reading resources

Ethical Adventures has compiled a list of resources which we have found to be useful in trying to learn and understand the way things work. Some of these pertain to the Top End and some further afield.  Regardless they all contribute something to our knowledge base which we utilize on our tours from Darwin.

In sharing this resources ethical adventures hopes that it can act as a starting point for any who are visiting the NT or would like to begin the journey or in fact are already on the journey for knowledge and understanding.  We ask that you in turn let us know of any other material that we ourselves could benefit from and should include in our little list.

To make it a bit easy to navigate the reading resources just have a look at the categories below and then click away.

FYI We also have prepared our own reviews for things such as NT Wildlife and NT Plants.

Have fun and give us some feedback.


guide book

Books written specifically to help guides / people teach others.


General history information. Not specific to the NT.

top end general

History, people and events which shaped the modern day NT.

indigenous people and culture

Sources which have a broader content covering many aspects of indigenous australians.

Indigenous foods and medicines

Australian and international sources which focus on bush foods and medicines of traditional cultures (focused mainly on Australian aboriginal culture).

Indigenous Art

Sources which focus on modern and traditional art of indigenous Australia

Wildlife of australia

Books and natural history material relating to Australian wildlife.

flora of Australia

Text and resources on Australian plants.

General INterest

Random stuff that we have found interesting.

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