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Specializing in high quality DAY TOURS and MULTI-DAY TOURS from Darwin to Litchfield National Park, Kakadu, Katherine and Daly River. 

day tours from darwin

There are many options for those looking for a full day experience in and around Darwin. From aboriginal culture to long slow walks on the beach, from museums to fishing for Barra, from sunset cruises to sunrise wildlife vigils … the Top End has got it all.

For those keen to do a Darwin tour beyond the city limits then some great things to do and see in the Top End are Fogg Dam, Adelaide River / Corroboree Billabong and Litchfield National Park.

Fogg Dam is an historic farming area on the Adelaide River floodplains which post WWII became the site of a overly optimistic attempt to grow a massive rice crop.

The extent of the proposed rice field went beyond the Mary River towards Kakadu and would have included much of todays important wetlands. Lucky for some and unlucky for others this project failed leaving behind a treasured legacy of biological diversity.

At Fogg Dam, taking the time to wander through the monsoon forests, looking out across the floodplain and dam and viewing the myriad of wildlife is one of the best things to do in the Top End.

Ethical Adventures offers an on demand wildlife tour through the dry season to Fogg Dam and Adelaide River / Corroboree Billabong. Wildlife and Environments of the Top End.

Litchfield National Park is full of adventure and experiential diversity for all visitors.  Litchfield is the premium national park in the Northern Territory with a Category 1 rating for biological, natural and cultural values.  The fact that the park is only 90 minutes from Darwin also makes it one of the most accessible parks in Australia from a major city.

Normally topping the ‘things to do in the NT’ list, Litchfield is the perfect day trip.

SO what can you expect to do in Litchfield ? On a typical day you may find yourself going for a swim in crystal clear creeks fed by cascading waterfalls.  Waterfalls that tumble over rugged stone country that has its origins somewhere around 1800 million years ago !

You will look to do some short walks and hikes through a diverse range of top end ecosystems from woodlands, wetlands, monsoon forests and grasslands and possibly encounter some of the wildlife that live secret lives in those places.

In addition, stunning scenery which changes with the season and unpredictable extreme environmental variation make Litchfield and the Top End one big bucket list !

Ethical Adventures offers two small group PUBLIC TOURS to Litchfield which feature these gems as well as home prepared snacks and refreshments and qualified and experienced local guides.

Of course there is also opportunity for a private tour experience which we can tailor just for you and your group. Private Charters are available on demand subject seasonal conditions.

Litchfield Day Tours

Pure Litchfield & Litchfield Wanderer

multi-day tours from darwin

Going beyond a day tour in the Top End is a great option.  Allowing more time to immerse in culture and places and soak up the deeper vibe of living and existing in this rugged landscape.

Ethical Adventures offers a rich variety of multi-day experiences ranging from luxury accommodated options to camping next to remote creeks and billabongs.

Some of these extended options are delivered with our tour partners whilst others are purely ethical adventure options. 

Tailored, private experiences can also be created to suit your particular need.

Colours of Kakadu

2 Day Tour


Max. 6 guests

Available May to September


Best in the wet

3 Day Tour

partial inclusions

Max. 10 guests / Min. 6 guests

February | March | April

Litchfield & Kakadu

awaken in the wild

3 Day Tour

partial inclusions

Max. 10 guests

Available ALL YEAR

Litchfield Park

Cowboy Country

3 Day Tour

partial inclusions

Max. 10 guests

Available May to September

Katherine & Mataranka

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