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Silver cycads- litchfield park
native grass on loop track
lost city rocks

Litchfield hikes

Hiking in Litchfield National Park can be everything you want and then some.  From short walks of only a km or so through to multi-day adventures which test your spirit and endurance. 

It is up to you.

Besides length there is tremendous variation in terrain and difficulty with walks in Litchfield Park.  Fortunate diversity comes from the scenic and rugged sandstone Tolmer Range which runs in a general North -South direction for most of the length of the park.

This sandstone bedrock is up to 1.8 BILLION years old and clearly shows its age in the form of gullies, gorges and ravines … not to mention the western escarpment cliffs and gorges.

With all this going on there is accompanying floral and faunal diversity finding refuge here as well. The tropical monsoonal forests tucked into the gorges, the open shrub community across the exposed sandstone outcrops, the grasslands and paperbark wetlands … all home to unique and in some cases endangered Australian species.

Now let’s talk climate ! The tropical north is dominated by monsoonal rainfall for 1/3 of the year. no rainfall for a 1/3 and who knows whats happening for the other third !

Adding all that up and the question is … what does that mean for hiking in Litchfield … and what does it mean for you ?


ALL YEAR options to get on a proper adventure away from the crowds.  

Available mainly ON DEMAND with some set dates through the year.

Check out some of the videos of previous hikes.

DAY HIKES – Trip Clips 

DAY HIKES – Basic Stats 

Green Ant to Wangi Falls

Distance – 10 km

Duration – 9 hours

Uneven walking track

Level – High

Wangi Falls to Cascades

Distance – 10 km

Duration – 7 hours

Uneven walking track

Moderate level

Tolmer falls to lost city

April to September

Distance – 8 km

Duration – 7 hours


Level – Moderate

extreme hikes

So you want to stretch you comfort zone and get out and about in the wild times of the Top End ?

Join us for a wet and wild lightening-man hikes from December to March.  Suitable for fit, agile, adventurous and insured hikers who want to experience the seasons of the north as the indigenous peoples had been for 1000’s of years.

Amongst it.

Litchfield wet season hikes ….

Departure times guaranteed, return not.


extreme hike - Wangi Falls to Cascades

Distance – 8km

Duration – 2 Days

Uneven walking track

Level – High level

Extreme hike - Tolmer to Lost City

Available October to March

Distance – 8 km

Duration – 2 Days


Level – High to EXTREME

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