our country

culture, bushcraft and western adventure

Our Country is not a statement of ownership it is ethos of togetherness

It is the recognition that a healthy contemporary modern society needs to be a fusion of all that was and is.

Peoples, cultures, thoughts and actions through time applied to the present for a better future.

For Our Country.

Logistic Specifics

4WD remote experience

Maximum 20 guests

Transport – up to six

More than six people – tag along self drive (hire 4WD)

4 Days / 3 Nights


Team environment




What's Included?

√  4 days of touring and activities

√  Healthy, simple food items and snacks

√  Insect repellents and sunscreens

√  Instruction in some basic bushcraft elements

√  Accommodation (tents or cabins)

√  Instruction in traditional aboriginal culture elements

  Visit Litchfield National Park and Daly Region


Day 1 – Litchfield Park Region

Day 2 – West Daly Region (Private Land by Permit Only)

Day 3 – West Daly Region (permit access)

Day 4 – West Daly Region (permit access)

Itinerary Overview

Indigenous Australians inhabited every inch of this vast and variable continent for over 60 thousand years.  From the deserts of the central regions to the snowy caps of the mountains. Coastal dwellers and plains, riverine and stone country.  It was home.   During that time they developed their own form of religion and social structures (culture) which was in harmony with these environments.  They accrued in depth knowledge of the every day workings of the world around them and made peace  with their role in the big scheme of things.  And they survived, and in some cases prospered.  In effect they developed a sustainable society.

International cultures and societies also developed knowledge and skills through the ages.  Sciences, maths, social studies, arts and  more which enabled civilisations to rise (and fall) with many great achievements being accumulated and knowledge continually be expanded.  Also though with continued impact on the world around them and a gradual distancing of the individual from the natural world and the understanding of that individuals place in the world.

Taking the best of both cultures, ‘Our Country’ is a journey of the soul to reengage the individual with the natural order and each other through experiential activities, learning, and demonstrations in country.

This is an experience that fuses cultures together and demonstrates that the future is about us.  It is about learning together from each other and working for a better world.  It is about Our Country.

Corellas at Watjan
Road into Watjan - NT Culture Tour
Wangi Falls - NT Culture Tour

Day 1 - litchfield park

Beginning from Darwin you are gradually immersed in the great outdoors both physically and mentally.  Our first day includes exploration of Litchfield National Park and the wonderous natural features which make it the premium park in the NT.

Key Outcomes

  • Swim in waterfalls
  • Hike discrete pathways
  • Learn about some of the bushfoods and resource plants in the area
  • Learn about the history of the region and relevant broader Australian history
  • Learn about early pre colonial indigenous history from a western perspective
  • Practice the technique of fire lighting using fero magnesium rods
  • Learn of risks and dangers of the region
  • Learn steps to determine if food is OK to eat

Dinning – BBQ

Accommodation – Tents

Cathedral Termite Mounds - NT Culture Tour

day 2 - watjan home land

An early morning start has you journeying towards the Watjan Homelands.  This is an epic trip with much of the day spent going over unsealed roads in some of the most remote landscapes in Australia.  Reception is definitely out today.

Crossing the mighty Daly River we are now in the Western Daly Region which is access by permit only.  Watjan lies about 3 hours away.  .  Watjan is an 80,000 acre stretch of country in the western Daly Region.  Rivers, gorges, plains, woodlands and more are found within this region which is the traditional lands of Jo and Lucy Parish.  Our offroad drive will take us through this and Back To Country.

Arriving late afternoon we undergo a welcome to country ceremony before heading to our camp ground to set up camp and get dinner ready.  Later that evening sit around the camp fire and listen to Joe and Lucy as they share their story.

Key Outcomes

  • History | natural and human
  • Fire lighting – fero rods
  • Introduction to indigenous spiritual beliefs
  • Introduction to relationships, clans and languages of the region

Dinner – Campfire cookup

Accommodation – Tents

Image Below – Location of Watjan & the Daly River Crossing (left to right)
Map of where Watjan is
watjan sign

day 3 - watjan home land

Today is a massive day of exploration and application.  After a quick cold breakfast we begin the day.  Topics and activities covered today include:

  • Wild Foods – plants.  Education and foraging for wild foods
  • Men’s business: making spears and digeridoos
  • Women’s business: making damper and weaving (mats and string bags).
  • Fish using a traditional trap – trap is pre-made and set up by locals
  • Visit local rock art sights
  • Risks, dangers and first aid
  • Fire lighting – friction method with sticks
  • Water health and well being

Key Outcomes

  • Gain an understanding of the relationship of people to the natural world.
  • Learn basic bushcraft skills in order to be comfortable in the natural world.

Dinner – Campfire cookup

Accommodation – Tents

Wangi Falls girls
Watjan with rob

day 4 - watjan home land / Darwin

Enjoy a cooked breakfast in the wild before packing up camp and getting ready for the final days activities.  In pairs and as a group we will go over all that we have learned in the past 3 days.  You will become the teacher and student to enable the knowledge you have  gained and the epiphanies you have had to remain in your memory for longer.

With thanks to Jo & Lucy we then begin our journey back to Darwin.

Key Outcomes

  • Remove mental barriers to engaging with the natural world
  • Gain skills, knowledge and confidence to help others to engage in the natural world
  • Appreciate that the way forward is together


The region that our tours are conducted in can experience extreme weather conditions. We reserve the right to alter the itinerary or cancel the tour at any point prior to or during the tour subject to our cancellation policy. Please read our Terms & Conditions on our website prior to booking.

Pick up & Drop Off

We pick up and drop off from all accommodation options in Darwin.  Palmerston by appointment only.

Age Restrictions

Children over 7 years of age are permitted on PUBLIC group tours.  There are no age restrictions on PRIVATE CHARTERS. All children must be accompanied by an adult.


Persons of moderate fitness and agility as evidenced by the ability to walk up a flight of stairs unaided without having or feeling like you might have a heart attack are suitable for this tour

Minimum numbers

The tour when operating as a PUBLIC tour has a minimum number requirement before it is confirmed to depart.  Failure to reach this number may lead to cancelation of the tour.  ethical adventures reserves the right to cancel at any time.


If we didn’t answer all of your questions or if you want to discuss possible tour options, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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