Offering the best of Litchfield National Park, Kakadu National Park, Adelaide River, Daly River and around the greater Darwin region to all who seek a relaxed, professional experience.

Experiences are available as an OPEN PUBLIC experience / or PRIVATE CHARTER.

day tours from darwin

There are many options for those looking for 1 Day tours and activities in and around Darwin.   Easily accessible in a day from Darwin are areas such as Fogg Dam, Corroboree Billabong, Litchfield National Park and all of the great things to do and see in Darwin itself. 

Litchfield National Park

1 Day Tour


Pure Litchfield


Max. 8 guests

7.00 am to 5.00 pm

Wildlife & Environments


1 Day Experience



Max 8 guests

6.00 am to 2.00 pm

Darwin City & lifestyle tour


Brunch by the Beach


Max 8 guests

10.15 am to 3.00 pm

Territory Wildlife Park Shuttle




Max 8 guests

8.15 am to 4.00 pm

multi-day tours from darwin

Going beyond the day in the Top End is also a great option.  Allowing more time to immerse in culture and places and soak up the deeper vibe of living and existing in the Top End.

Ethical Adventures offers a variety of multi-day experiences which range from luxury accommodated options to camping next to remote creeks and billabongs.

Some of these are delivered with our tour partners whilst others are purely ethical adventure options.


  • 2 Day Litchfield Region Camping experience – ‘Awaken in the Wild
  • 2 Day Kakadu micro group – ‘Colours of Kakadu
  • 6 Day Litchfield & Arnhemland – ethical adventures / Venture North
  • 3 Day Kakadu / Arnhem Land – ethical adventures / Top End Day Tours (Injalak Hill)
  • 3 Day Kakadu / Arnhem Land – ethical adventures / Kakadu Culture Tours

Colours of Kakadu

2 day tour

Departs on demand


Max group size 6

awaken in the wild

2 day Litchfield Region

Creekside camping

Max group size 6

Volunteer programs

Each year fire in the NT causes massive damage to private and public lands.  Most of this damage is due to the need to keep both native and introduced species of grasses under control.

In Litchfield National Park this situation is a regular occurance with around 80% of the park burned each year.

In the 10 years ethical adventures has been touring in Litchfield we have seen first hand the adverse impacts of this fire regime on biodiversity in the park.  Limited recruitment of replacement trees and shrubs killed due to fire and subsequent loss of animals within these areas is too common.

Given this background ethical adventures believes it is time that tour operators and users help park managers where they can. To this end it is our objective to attempt to manage the organic fuel load in high risk / use areas through hand removal of identified problem organic material.  Doing this will decrease the need to burn these areas so regularly increasing the period between fires and combat the current rapid loss of diversity and abundance in both the floral and faunal attributes of these areas.

One day biodiversity program

1 Day

Location: Litchfield National Park

Max group size 6

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